White Kitty Fabric Stethoscope sock cover for Medical Professionals

White Kitty Fabric Stethoscope sock cover for Medical Professionals

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Always Fun to have a Stethoscope cover that will add a distraction to nervous patients giving them something fun to look at so you can do your job quickly and with ease and adds comfort when wearing around your neck!

Covers are approximately 29" long, Easy to take on and off with elastic bottom and easy securing with Velcro fastening hidden inside on top. 

Perfect for ER, Doctors, Nurses, PA, RT, CNA, Veterinary, Veterinary Tech and all medical professions. 

Washing directions: Cold Gentle setting, Line dry flat

Majority of the scrub shirt fabrics are available in stethoscope sock covers, hair scrunchies, face masks, hair scrunchies & medical hats so if it's not listed please let me know and I can add it.

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